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I started my master's degree programme in October 2013. As one of the first assignments we had to develop a task-tracking app. Its intended use was for a customer at our University who would use it to track their research-tasks and the time spent on them. I used this opportunity to fiddle around with the popular MVC-framework AngularJS. The requirements were along the following lines:

  • Create tasks and subtasks and nest them up to 3 layers deep.
  • Track the time for every task individually.
  • Provide an overview for every task which displays the currently accumulated time as well as every date this task has tracked on.

If you want to give it a try, I've hosted the project at my university webspace. The app will accept just about any fake e-mail-address you can come up with, so don't worry about account creation!



  • Language: JavaScript
  • Framework: AngularJS
  • Miscellaneous: for the backend we're using the very convenient online JSON-database Firebase